Shichi-go-san-gala day for children on Nov 15

Shichi-go-san- Gala day for children on Nov 15

Shichi means seven,Go means five and San means three in Japanese.
Shichigosan is an event occurring on NOV 15,when prayers are offered for children’s growth.

In Japan odd number believed to be auspicious.
So,odd numbered years of this important period of a child’s growth-
that is the age of three and five for boys,three and seven for girls-are celebrated.

On this day,children dress up and go with their parents to a Shinto shrine to pay a visit
to the tutelary deity.
Especially,girls wearing Kimono are so beautiful and sweet.

Children are given thousand year candy,Chitose-Ame in Japanese,that is long,thin,red-white candy
in bag with crane and turtle illustrated.

Chitose means 100 years and in Japan both the crane and the turtle are symbols of long life.
And also red and white are auspicious color combination.


These are wish for children’s growth and health.

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