Osechi-Ryori-The New Year dishes

Osechi ryo-ri is dishes for new year

Osechi-ryori(The new year dishes) are special side dished easen
on the first three days of the new year.

Grilled or boiled dishes and vinegared dishes in tiered lacquer boxes.
Now it’s developed for reducing housewives work for this three days
with the particular practice of keeping it as it for a while and looks splendid.

There are some regional differences but Osechi contents are essentially fixed.

Each content has some meaning and charged with wishes:for example

Sea bream(tai) is auspicious(medetai)

herring roe(Kazu no ko) indicate the prospsrity for one’s descendants

Sea tangle roll(Kobu maki) means happiness(yorokobu)

Kamaboko, broiled fish cake. slices of red and white kamaboko are alternated in rows means a celebratory, festive.

Ebi(skewered prawns) It symbolizes a wish for a long-life,suggesting long beard and bent waist.

Pinterest-Osechi ryori made of Chirimen fabric

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