Toshikosi soba(Year-crossing noodles)

Toshikosi soba(Year-crossing noodles)

On New year Eve,we have a custom to eat Toshikoshi-sobe(Year-crosssing noodle)
It is said that this custom started in Edo peroid(1603-187) when a goldsmith,
at the time of house cleaning on New years Eve,gathered the gold dust that had
scattered around in his workplace with kneaded soba dumplings,
then burned these dumplings to ashes on a hibachi(brazier) to collect the gold dust left behind.

Thus,it is said that Soba collect “money”
Now however,because Soba is fine and long ,it is eaten with the wish for long life.

Recipe of Toshikoshi-soba

2015-11-30_1556 toshikosi-soba

Source:Japan center