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Tsumami Kanzashi

Posted by Tomoko Ota on 25th Aug 2018

Tsumami Kanzashi

You need

1. 7PCS pointed pedals made of 2.5cm square fabric

2. 2cm carbon board circle base
3. 3cm square fabric
4. Barrette
5. two covered button in chirimen
6. Beads
7. Grosgrain tape(if you have)

Let’s make it!

Put bond and covered base with fabric

Cut the edge of the petals(about 1/4)

Put the bond to both base and petals

Arrange the petals in even space.

Put bond in the conter of flower

Put bond to the metal barrette and set Grosgrain ribbon

Put the flower in the center and buttons in both sides
花は真ん中 くるみボタンは両サイドへ

For your hair accessory!

If you use Chirimen fabric,they may look more elegant and beautiful