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What is Obidome?

Posted by Tomoko on 11th Oct 2018

What is Obidome?

Obidome is the accessory for Kimono worn threaded onto the Obijime. 
It looks like a belt buckle in case of modern clothes. 

Obidome is just an accessory, so you can still wear kimono even if it is not used.
However, if you need to express the sense of a season,
you may need this gadget to create patterns for Obi and Kimono.

It is also a great item that make you look like a kimono connoisseur.

By the combination of the color of the obi and Obijime,
Kimono will look very charming with the style changed.

Please enjoy your Kimono with Obidome for various styles!
There are a lot of Obidome created by me on this list.