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What is Tsumami Kanzashi(zaiku)?

Posted by Tomoko on 6th Oct 2018

What is Tsumami Kanzashi(zaiku)?

"Tsumami-Kanzashi(zaiku)" is a Japanese traditional craft from the Edo period
Is a fashion that started by crafting little items with the pieces of fabric left after making kimono.

By cutting small squares out of the fabric left,
pinching and folding one by one into a shape of a petal
and combining all together.
It turns to beautiful accessories

You might think it looks complicated but mainly there are two pattern

But there are only two pattern,Round petal and pointed petal.

Maru-Tsumami(Round petal)

Ken Tsumami(pointed petal)

The combination of two patterns makes more variations.

No needles and thread are needed.
Necessaries are Twizzlers and bond.

If you want to try Tsumami zaiku.
Tsumami Kanzashi kit are sold here.
and some DIY movies on YouTube are uploaded

Please try it and enjoy Tsumami zaiku(Kanzashi)

If you have any question about Tsumami Zaiku(Kanzashi),
please do not hesitate to ask me through contact form.