Meeting maiko san for the first time!!

Today was truly a day of great excitement!
For the first time, I was allowed to see maiko dancing.

Fuji chiyo-san,18 years old and just made her debut this spring.   
She told us that although she had made her debut,
she hadn't had a chance to dance in public because of COVID-19



She looked so cute!!
Please take a look at the maiko's hair ornaments.
The hair ornament of the maiko wear is Tsumami zaiku that represents the leaves of gingko trees.  Very nice!
Maiko's hair ornaments are made of seasonal flowers in tsumami-zaiku.

The obi-dome used by maiko is called Pocchiri.
It's so gorgeous!

Ms.Kishimoto(left) crafted obi dome(Pocchiri).
She makes not only  maiko's pocchiri(Obidome),
but also She also makes hairpins made of silver.
She is a Kanzashi artist.
I'll write another article focusing on Mr. Kishimoto.

*I have received permission to publish the photos on SNS