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Greetings from Chirimenbunny!

Hi! I am Tomoko, an owner of this shop, live in Osaka, Japan.

I had been working with textile and fabric trading companies
for many years.

At that time, there were a lot of opportunities
to watch and touch the fabric.

One day, I was very fascinated by the crepe fabric that
I happened to see at a handicraft store.  


Even it's plain, no patterns...how can I say... it is presence and glamour.
Why didn’t I notice this until now? I thought.

The crepe fabric “Chirimen” as we call it in Japanese,
Chirimen has a completely different luster than an ordinary plain weave that I handle at textile trading companies.


I thought about creating something out of this crepe fabric"Chirimen",
At first, I was making pouches, etc.,
Then, I met what we call in Japanese "Tsumami-Zaiku"(Tsumami Kanzashi).



 Through the experience of Tsumami zaiku(Kanzashi) crafting,

I am also fascinated by Kimono and now I can put on Kimono by myself.
Chirimen and Tsumami-zaiku(Kanzashi) changed my life.


Now,I remember the world trip I did when I was young,
I met people that were very kind to me and different cultures inspired me.

I think it's time for me to inspire more foreign who comes to Japan
or are interested in Japan and Japanese culture by our Japanese traditional craft.

Now, we have added kimono tools, Furoshiki, Tenugui cloth,
I hope more foreigners are interested in Japanese traditional things.

Thank you so much!!




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