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[Japanese tradition] Setsubun is coming!!

Posted by Tomoko on 1st Feb 2020

[Japanese tradition] Setsubun is coming!!

Sestubun literally means"the parting of the seasons"
especially it falls on FEB 3, the day before the first day of spring.

It is also known as the bean throwing festival,
as it is tradition to throw roasted soy beans
to prevent the evil demons (oni) to enter the house
People yell "Out with the ogre(oni) in with the happiness!

Nowadays, nursery schools or kindergartens do this event on FEB 3.

Children think that a real ogre exists and seriously escapes.
Of course,this event is held at temples and shrines too.

This Furoshiki shows what 'Setsubun' is.
Very unique custom in Japan!

Furoshiki Japanese Traditional Cotton Cloth 50cmX50cm-Mike neko cat "Setsubun