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Summer Kimono

Posted by Tomoko on 5th Dec 2018

Summer Kimono

Summer Kimono! You may think of Yukata?
Yukata base is same as Kimono but it's not a kind of kimono.

"What the difference between Kimon and Yukata" is material

Yukata is made of cotton, polyester, or hemp.

Yukata worn at festivals such as fireworks and bon dancing in summer.


The followings are well-known Summer Kimono in silk 



Sha is a silk texture of summer kimono.
It is transparent and a breathing weaving.
So it's better suited for a hot day.


Ro is a silk texture of summer kimono. It is not transparent like sha kimono.
Ro is distinguished from sha and ra by the weaving technique.



Ra is a silk texture for summer kimono.
It looks like a net so was originally refers to a net to catch a bird.
It is a summer kimono with complex weaving structure making gaps
with horizontal and vertical lines.

Summer season is very humid in Japan and sweat while wearing Kimono...
but Enjoy Kimono!!