What is Chirimen?


What is Chirimen crepe fabric?

Chirimen crepe fabric is one of Japanese traditional fabric for making Kimono.
The  fabric has it’s unique features,drape beautifully hardly crease.


Silk chirimen crepe is still popular for Kimono fabric
However Chirimen crepe can be not only silk but also polyester,Rayon or cotton.
as they are less expensive than Silk to produce.
Since modernization,Kimono became a formal occasional dress.
However,there has been a revival of Kimono in the new forms of fashion accessories,decorations,

Casual wear,ornamaents,Furoshiki(wrapping) etc…
Modern style combined with traditional material is becoming around the world.




What made this unique fine wrinkles?

Chirimen crepe has unique fine wrinkles with touch and texture.
This Chirimen weaving technique was developed in the late 16th century
and became popular nationwide in the EDO period (about the 17th century).
The fabric made by the weft tread being kept tighter than the warp thread during weaving process,
Weft threads are twisted as they are woven…resulting in unique and uneven texture after refining.

This uneven texture,wrinkles(what we call “SHIBO”in Japanese)

Chirimen weaving variation

There are many variation. the followings are typical Chirimen


1)Hitokoshi Chirimen
(This ‘Hito’means one in Japanese)
One thread is twisted from the right and the next one from left,and these are alternated in the weaving process.

2)Futakoshi Chirimen (This is standard Chirimen,we call it ‘Chirimen’)
(this’Futa’ means two in Japanese)

Two threads instead of one and it has a more uneven surface than Hitokoshi.
soft and airy and it has good ventilation,light weight and has elasticity


What is the difference between Hitokoshi Chirimen and Chirimen(hutakoshi Chirimen)?

Hitokoshi Chirimen fabric has smaller surface wrinkles than other kinds of chirimen crepe.



What is Kinsai or kinsai-nashi(without Kinsai)?

There are some gold or silver decorated on the surface of Chirimen fabric,we call it ‘KINSAI’
‘KINSAI’ means Gold Metallic Glitters developed from Yuzen-zome.
Gilt technique with gold and silver







Rayon Chirmen can be used for cloth?

Rayon is not suitable for cloth because it will shrink after washing.
Dry cleaning is preferable.
If you use Chirimen,Silk or Polyester is better.


Chirmen pattern

Chirimen fabric has many different patterns and each pattern has a very deep meaning.
Most are natural scenery and animals that symbolize ‘luck’

The followings are one of popular Chirimen patterns

1)Yuzen patten: Yuzen is very colorful,elegant and gorgeous.


2)Komon pattern Japanese traditional pattern which is simple and has fine pattern all over.


3)Plain No pattern printed,solid color


What is Yuzen?



Yuzen is a colorful hand-dyeing technique.
As each pattern is drawn by hand, this process requires high technique and painstaking effort for mastering this skill. Yuzen techniqueis originally invented by Yuzen Miyazaki,
a famous Kyoto fan-painter during the Genroku period (1688-1704) of the Edo period.
Until then, monochromatic indigo design was a trend, but his colorful dyeing design soon gained in popularity and was loved by women of all classes.
This Yuzen technique spread all over Japan, and each region developed its own distinctive characteristics.
Yuzen is still a popular Japanese handicraft.



How to make Chirimen fabric?

Takes time and efforts… and producted Chirimen fabric.
Please visit Tango chirimen factory site.
The Tango region in Kyoto Prefecture where Tango Chirimen major produced.