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Greetings from Chirimenbunny!

Hi! I am Tomoko, an owner of this shop, live in Osaka, Japan.

I had been working with textile and fabric trading companies
for many years.

At that time, there were a lot of opportunities
to watch and touch the fabric.

One day, I was very fascinated by the crepe fabric that
I happened to see at a handicraft store. 

 Even it's plain, no patterns...how can I say... it is presence and glamour.
Why didn’t I notice this until now? ...I thought.

The crepe fabric “Chirimen” as we call it in Japanese,
Chirimen has a completely different luster than an ordinary plain weave that I handle at textile trading companies.

I thought about creating something out of this crepe fabric"Chirimen"
At first, I was making pouches, etc.,
Then, I met what we call in Japanese "Tsumami-Zaiku"(Tsumami Kanzashi).



 Through the experience of Tsumami zaiku(Kanzashi) crafting,
I am also fascinated by Kimono and now I can put on Kimono by myself.

Chirimen and Tsumami-zaiku(Kanzashi) changed my life.
and I am now working to expand the reach of Japan's wonderful traditional crafts to people overseas, it' not only Tsumami Kanzashi but also Kimono,Furoshiki

I hope more foreigners are interested in Japanese traditional things.

Thank you so much!!




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