Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!
In Japan, New Year's Day(from January 1st to 3rd)the first three days of the New Year is called San-Ga-nichi.
During this period, many people spend time relaxing at home
or walking around the neighbor.

On January 1st, my family and I went to a nearby shrine for Hatsumode. people make prayers and wishes for a very good year.

After praying for our wishes, we drew OMIKUJI with our children.

People shake a cylindrical box (called a "mikuji-tube" or "mikuji-box") containing a long, thin stick called a "mikuji-bar" and take out a stick from a small hole on the short side of the box. We then tell the receptionist the number on the end of the stick, the same number to receive a piece of fortune paper. 

The paper tells your fortune.Daikichi means best luck, kichi means good luck, and kyo means bad luck.

Do you have something similar to Omikuji in your country?

I hope this year will be good for you!