Emoji calligraphy

I have been fascinated by Emoji calligraphy.

What are Emoji calligraphy?
I know there are some of you out there who may be wondering what an Emoji calligraphy is.
It is a kind of free style of calligraphy using a simple brush pen like this.

I have not been good at formal Japanese calligraphy since I was a child because there are too many rules. So I really envied those who could write well, and I always wanted to be like them.

However, I gave up trying to become good at it and became fascinated with these Emoji calligraphy which I can write freely.

For example, the word 涼 "cool" is made into Emoji calligraphy with someone wearing a hat and legs.
Isn't it interesting?
I love interesting ideas like this.

And I added my favorite tsumamizaiku.Now it's an even more interesting picture!
I would like to keep on introducing interesting Japanese culture like this.

This word 夏 Summer is walking with fan(うちわ)

If people who are learning Japanese now also learn it in this way, they might remember the kanji characters.

Anyway! For ME,that's a lot of fun!!

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