Fudemoji-tsumami- Setsubun(節分)

February 3 is Setsubun. Setsubun has the meaning of "separating the seasons.This woman is Otafuku(お多福),which literally means "a lot of happiness" in Japanese.
The origin of "Otafuku" for Setsubun comes from the Japanese custom of throwing beans at the shrine, which is called " Devil's outside! Happiness is within(many blessings will come to your home!)
Another decoration for Setsubun is a sardine with a holly stick inserted to ward off evil spirits. It is said that holly is to drive away evil spirits with its painful thorns, and the head of the sardine is to keep away evil spirits with its odor.
Tsumamizaiku flower is plum blossom!


I know there are some of you out there who may be wondering what Fudemoji-tsumamizaiku is?(I actually named it)

What is Fudemoji calligraphy?I
it is a kind of free style of calligraphy using a simple Japanese brush pen.

Japanese traditional craft. It is said to have started in the Edo period from using scraps of kimono. A craft in which small squares of fabric are folded like origami to create motifs such as flowers and animals.