Futon daiko in Sakai,Osaka
Futon Daiko, the most exciting festival in Sakai,Osaka
Looks similar to Danjiri as I mentioned the previous blog
but it's different, maybe historical roots are similar.

The futon-daiko is carried with great pomp and
pageantry every year at festivals held at shrines in Sakai City.

Weighing 1.0 to 2.0 tons, it is carried by about 50 to 70 people.
So hard!!!

Why Futons(Bedding)?
Can you see it? Those red, multi-layered futons piled
on top of the omikoshi are futons!
In the mid-Edo period, when futon-daiko began,
cotton-filled futons(bedding) were very valuable to the common people.

The origin of the futon is that when the emperor of the time
would rest at the o Tabisho (a place to stay during the parade)
on his way to the shrine on his portable shrine,
the shrine parishioners would bring futons to the shrine for use as bedding.

Interesting and...Soooo! Exciting is not it?