My dream of wearing a yukata dyed by myself will come true!

I have always wanted my own yukata.
My dream finally came true!
Today I'm going to write about it!

A local factory called Kadono Sarashi in Sakai City is holding a workshop called "Let's do snow flower dyeing(雪花染め)
In this workshop,there are two options, one is to dye a tenugui (hand towel)
The other is to dye a roll, and if requested, have a yukata made!

In fact, this fabric is material for SakaiChusenDyeing that I use in my Tsumamizaiku DIY kits!


I can't believe that I can dye the fabric for a yukata by myself and have it tailored to my size!
Especially for kimono lovers from overseas, I think it's very exciting!

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product in June.
I'll share with you when it's done!