Summer festival!!

Most of the festivities seems to return to normal.
But there will be a few restrictions like outdoor food shops
and limits on the number of people.

Natsumatsuri ‘Summer festivals’ are Japanese festivals held during the summer.

For example, "Gion Matsuri" in Kyoto and "Tokushima Awaodori" are famous summer festivals in western Japan.

In my hometown of Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, there is the Yassa Festival, where children and adults parade through the main streets dancing in a manner similar to the Awa Odori dance.

The interesting thing is that each town has its own unique rhythm and songs, and no two festivals are the same, so it's a lot of fun. And the Bon Odori dance  is also very fun. Some festivals also include fireworks. There are also many stalls and of course food shops. The kids love the goldfish scooping, target shooting games, and other activities! 

The original purpose of Japanese festivals is to express gratitude to the gods. The word "matsuri" also comes from the other meaning word "matsuri," which means "to enshrine. Very interesting, isn't it?