Hitokoshi Chirimen kimono fabric 34X20cm(13.4"X8") fabric NO28

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Beautiful fabric, HiItokoshi Chirimen. 28.Navy 29.Green 44.pink 45.Pale pink 46.Maccha green 51.bright purple SIZE: 34X20cm(13.4"X7.8") MATERIAL: Rayon NOT washable.

Chirimen is unique Japanese weaving technique. Made by the weft thread being kept tighter than the warp thread during the weaving process, Weft threads are twisted as they are woven…resulting in unique and uneven texture after refining. This uneven texture, wrinkles what we call “SHIBO”in Japanese. Hitokoshi chirimen has smaller surface wrinkles than other chirimen fabric.(Futa-koshi) Very soft texture. The material is rayon, which is very durable and elegant. You can make various items such as Tsumami Kanzashi pouches, wallets, bags, dolls and so on.

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