Nori Plate(Ita) Nori bera( spatula) tools for KANZASHI”(“Tsumami Zaiku”) craftsman, professional use

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1)Wood Board(Nori Ita)
board:20cm X 11cm X 2cm

2)bamboo spatula(Nori bera) tools
Spatula: Bamboo 22cm X 2~1.5cm

1)Why wood board? What kinds of wood?

This is cypress wood.The reason for using cypress is that it is resistant to water and moisture,and does not get mold easily. Also, it is light, strong, and good smell.

2)The spatula became thicker, making it easier to grip.
(the previous one is straight and thin)
The tip is wider, so it is much easier to knead glue.

The reason for using bamboo is that it is more flexible and
the glue is easier to knead. And strong
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