Sale!4 Items summer Kimono kitsuke set Japanese kimono dressing items,mesh Mae ita,mesh Erishin,belt, mesh date jime

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Tools for summer Kimono 4 items in one set! 1.mesh Mae ita Excellent in breathability. Especially, you can use it for wearing Yukata or summer Kimono Material:Nylon 100%  pocket:polyethelene belt:polyester size about 43cm(16.9 inch) width:about 13.5cm(5.3 inch) 2.mesh Erishin Mesh eri-shin,a useful tool for keeping a juban collar beautifully cooler than a normal eri-shin . material: nylon size About width 4 cm ( 1.56 inch ) , length 80 cm ( 31 inch ) 3.belt You can wear kimono beautifully using with this size is adjustable:about 50 cm ( about 19.68 inches ) ~100cm stretch 4It's used to tie and hold the kimono,
much cooler because of mesh material: nylon/poly size About length 90 cm(35 inch) X 9cm(3.5inch)
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