Curious Japanese business custom:the greetings at the beginning of the year
Today,I will share an interesting our custom that I thought
the greetings at the beginning of the year in business.

When a company starts at the beginning of the year,
most starts on Jan 5~7.
Most presidents in Japan heads to the major clients
to greet them to celebrate the year.
It is customary to print or stamp the words "Happy New Year"
on a business card and hand it over.

There are days when both of them(you and your clients) go somewhere
to greet others and they are not in the office for a day.
When this happens, they give their business cards to the front person and leave.

Then when they get back to the office,
they are very curious to know who came ,when? and what time?
Because the person who came early to your office is considered
important to your company.

When I wan an office worker, I thought it's kind of very mysterious and curious Japanese business custom.
What do you think?