Do you know what Danjiri is?

Do you know what Danjiri(だんじり) is?

This is a unique Japanese culture, and is said to have originated in 1703, when Nagayasu Okabe prayed for a plentiful harvest of rice, wheat, beans, and other grains

Danjiri is a type of dashi used at shrine festival
Young people around 20's lead the Danjiri.
"Danjiri festival dates back to the Edo era is still held livelily today."

Kishiwada is the most famous, but Danjiri festivals are held in various locations in the southern part of Osaka. This photo shows a Danjiri festival in Izumi, a city near Kishiwada. Powerful!!

I live in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, in the Seto Inland Sea, so the festival dances are very peaceful. But when I moved here in Southern Osaka, I realized that the nature of festivals is completely different depending on the region.I was very interested in the wild festivals that are unique to Osaka and the southern part of Osaka.