In an age when the real thing has become hard to find,Wazarashi
The other day, I visited a dye factory. Chusen dyeing is a traditional Japanese technique of dyeing patterns on cloth. I was impressed to learn why Chusen dyeing has such a moist and unique texture. When I asked a craftsman at the factory, he told me that it is because the cloth before dyeing is treated with a special process bleaching called Wazarashi. Wazashi is Japanese style process that removes oil and impurities from the cloth. This makes the cloth softer and more absorbent, making it ideal for Chusen(dip-dyeing)I was saddened to learn that the technique of Wazashi(和晒) is being lost. It is a traditional Japanese technique that has been cherished by Japanese people. However, in the age of mass production, cheap and convenient products are preferred, and traditional techniques such as Wazarashi are being forgotten.I believe that as more and more people aim to obtain truly good products, there may be more inconveniences. However, I would like to lead a life with a relaxed mind that allows me to enjoy them.I think that is a truly human life.