ITA (International Tsumami zaiku Association) The New Organization Is Established!

Today, we have a big announcement for all of you.

We are here to announce to you that we have established a new organization ITA (International Tsumami zaiku Association)!!

ITA was established for the purpose of spreading tsumami zaiku around the world and passing on the tradition to the next generation.

We will inherit the traditional craft of tsumami zaiku and promote it to the world by offering traditional techniques that have lasted for more than 200 years in order to pass it on to the next generation.


Tsumami zaiku is a traditional Japanese craft known as Tsumami kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) for kimono. By pinching and folding small squares of cloth with tweezers, it is formed in the shape of a flower, etc. It is also called “origami of cloth”, and is the only traditional craft in Japan that anyone can enjoy as long as there is a space about the size of a placemat. It can be used to make accessories for daily use, interior decorations, and many other things depending on your ideas. 

Photo from MIONOYA

As part of this activity, we will be opening an online school, “Tsumami Kanzashi School Online” where you can learn the traditional technique of tsumami zaiku next month!


In advance of the school opening, we are planning to do Insta-Lives.We will chat about tsumami zaiku, the secret stories of ITA board members, and about our new association! There will also be an announcement about a special opening event, so please come and join us! 


Upcoming Events: 

  • Instagram Live! (Broad cast from Instagram):    Sept. 7th -10th everyday at 6:00am (Japan Time)     

             to see the live follow our Instagram!

  • “ Win a prize” Opening Fun Event : Sept.7-16th,2021

  • Tsumami Kanzashi School Online official opening : Sept. 17th, 2021