June 16th is WAGASHI Day

June in Japan is the beginning of the gloomy rainy season.

I was wondering what I should talk about this month

because there are no events or holidays like Children's Day in May.

I found out that June 16th is WAGASHI Day.

It's very interesting.

So,today, I'd like to talk about WAGASHI.

June 16th is WAGASHI Day

Did you know that June 16th is WAGASHI(Japanese sweets) day?

I didn't know about it.

It is said that it's originated that in the summer of 848 A.D., Emperor, based on an oracle, offered sweets, rice cakes, and other items associated with the number 16 to the gods on June 16 to pray for good health and to ward off epidemics.



Which WAGASHI do you like best?


WAGASHI can be divided into fresh like Manju (a bun with a bean‐jam filling) or Mitarashi Dampling with Salty-sweet Sauceand dried sweets like Senbei.


Mitarashi Dampling                  Senbei

Among WAGASHI, I love Nerikiri.

Nerikiri is an artistic Japanese traditional sweet that is made by copying seasonal scenes, etc.

It is made from a mixture of white bean paste and binder, and is a type of raw confectionery.


It is fascinating that the four seasons of Japan can be made into confectionery that is both artistic and delicious.