Why Kabuto( (Japanese warrior's helmets) on Children's day!

On Children’s day,some houses display Kabuto (Japanese warrior's helmets).
I actually did not know why? and I looked it up.

It is said that it was after the middle of the Edo period that people began to celebrate it by decorating "May dolls" such as armor and helmets, and Koi Nobori "carp streamers’.

At that time, samurai families decorated their houses with armor and helmets in the hope that boys would grow up to be strong and sturdy as warriors.

Armor and helmets are important protective gear for warriors to protect their lives, so they were decorated to protect children from illnesses, accidents, and disasters.

In the Kamakura period (1185-1333), samurai families had a custom of taking their helmets and armor outside in May, just before the rainy season, to dry them out and take care of them.
It is believed that the display of helmets, bows, and other armors on Boy’s  Festival is a remnant of this custom.

There are many theories, but it seems that this culture has existed for a long time, and in any case, it is a sign that the desire to cherish children and wish for their prosperity.That is deeply rooted in Japanese people.

However, today's children are not so interested in Koi nobori carp streamers and Kabuto helmets. If anything, they love games!

Koi nobori(Carp streamers)

That's why parents don't buy expensive helmets or carp streamers that are troublesome to put away and maintain.Because their children are not interested in them, they rarely see them anymore.But as I tell you about Japanese culture in this way..,

I think we need to reconsider the importance of Japanese culture and pass it on to the next generation.