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Used Japanese hair wig (please consult us first for the available sizes and types.)

They are traditional Japanese hair wigs that Maiko and Geisha wear. The one in the photo is Tsubushi Shimada. They are made by Kamiyui-shi (hair-dresser trained to do Japanese hair styling) who carefully make up the style with used wigs. The condition of the wig is good and there is no major damage to the body or hairline, however, you may notice slight wear and tear as it is a second-hand product. Please understand it. It will be delivered in a sturdy wooden box to protect the wig . The wooden box is also a used condition so you may notice some wear and tear. However, the high quality glossy wooden box does not lose its durability after many years. We believe the wooden box will not be broken as long as considerable weight is not put on it. Since the hair style is completed according to the customer's request, please contact us before purchase, and include stock confirmation as well as head size. (Currently, we only ship to the USA.) Weight about 3kgs

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