2m Obijime sanbu himo(9mm) sanadahimo(samurai tape) Hashigo pattern White for kimono obi



This beautiful Obijime,is *sanadahimo made from cotton.
Hashigo pattern White 2m for kimono obi

It's Sanbu-himo(9mm width),so you can wear it as casual occasion.

*What is Sanadahimo?

Sanadahimo was made in Warring States period.

Because it's strong,it's used for the handle of the sword
and used for 500 years.

Nowadays in overseas, it has another name "Samurai tape" and used for bike handle.

In Japan, besides Obijime, it is often used to strengthen the clog thong.
It is easy to use in daily life with its simple pattern.

SIZE:About 2m X 9mm(0.35inch)三分紐sanbuhimo
WEIGHT: 0.1kg

Material: Cotton


Please allow me 3~4 business days for shipment.

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