2PCS/1set Godzilla Tenugui with Hokusai's "Fugaku The Waves" cotton Cloth towel1_2



Tenugui Japanese Traditional Cotton Cloth 35x90cm (13" x 35")..
-Godzilla Tenugui with Hokusai's "The Waves" Blue and Beige In Japan 

In Japan, Tenugui were originally used as hand towels.
Now,they use not only hand towels but also book cover,
bandana, lunch mat or wrapping lunch boxes, gift etc...
there are various ways.

HOW TO MAKE Furoshiki with Furoshiki belt

*the ends are not sewn,
*recommend hand washing for at least the first few times.
*Each piece may look slightly different depending on the pattern of the fabric.

Material: 100% cotton.
Size: 35x90cm (13" x 35")

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