Hanaguruma_kanzashi hair stick comb(Pale pink flower with blue base)



This stunning hair comb is hand-crafted by me from *chirimen fabric.
by using Tsumami Kanzashi method.
it's possible for you to take only the flower out of the comb.

Since the back of the flower has the safety pin and alligator clip,
it can be a hair accessory itself and
you can place it on your bag or pouch with a safety pin.

And can be Kanzashi hair stick using Kanzashi converter(Sold separately)

And also inserting the comb between Obi and Kimono enjoy it as Obi-kazari

SIZE:ABOUT 11cm(4.33inch) X 8cm (3.1inch) X 4cm (1.57inch)
MATERIAL:Rayon + metal comb
CONDITION:New (Handmade)

What is CHIRIMEN (ちりめん) FABRIC?

Chirimen, a traditional Japanese weaving technique
that was developed in the late 16th century
and became popular nationwide in the EDO period (about the 17th century).
This unique Chirimen feature,uneven texture,wrinkles(what we call "SHIBO") are
created by alternating two types thread,twisted in different directions,by turns in the weft. It's breathtaking beauty!


The Kanzashi flower is skillfully made without needle and thread.
The technique, we call it 'Tsumami zaiku' in Japanese.
It was popular during EDO period(1603~1867),using kimono fabric remnant.
Upcycled beautiful accessory.


Please note that this item is made to order!
Please allow me 5~7 days for creation.

The material is rayon, which is very durable and elegant.
But these works are extremely delicate.
Please do not press it so hard or do not get wet.
Please pay attention even when it is stored because it may change in shape

It is hand-made so it may be different from the pictured one.

Each item is unique and pattern and placement may vary slightly between products.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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