Unique Japanese fabric chirimen Karakusa pattern Arabesque(purple)

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Karakusa (Arabesque) pattern

Japanese traditional pattern - karakusa which is very familiar in Japan.
You can use it for Huroshiki(Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth)
, or Gamaguchi purse or other crafts.

Beautiful fabric, Chirimen is made by traditional unique Japanese weaving technique
That was developed for kimono in the late 16th century.

You can see there are some gold and silver decorated on the surface of chirimen fabric
we call it Kinsai. It's so stunning and beautiful!!

The unique texture and fabric patterns truly stands out,
and anyone would definitely describe it as “very Japanese”.

The material is rayon,which is very durable and elegant.
You can make various items such as pouches, wallets, bags, plush dolls and so on.This beauty will be inspired with your craft.


SIZE: 8.5 X 8.5 Inch (About 21cm X 21cm)

DESIGN: Arabesque

Measure in photo is inch
Button in photo is about one inch

If you want more fabric,please contact me!!
Wholesale inquiry also welcome.

Thank you so much for looking!!