'HanaIrohaXSakaiChusen(Tsumamizaiku DIY kit) is coming to an elementary school!

"Exciting news!
'HanairohaXSakaiChusen'(Tsumamizaiku DIY kit) is coming to an elementary school—my developed kit will be used in classes! 

now it's integrated into 5th grade's SDGs and 3rd grade's traditional studies. It's an unprecedented joint session for 3rd and 5th graders, lasting a continuous 3 hours... with probably over 100 students!

Tsumamizaikaiku is a difficult craft to teach in a workshop because of the use of tweezers and the detailed work involved, which limits the number of students one teacher can teach.
However, the works made with this kit are easy enough to be done by a single person while watching the enclosed video, so even if you are not a Tsumamizaikaiku teacher, you can use it as a tool for socializing.

This is fascinating! The children will hear stories about tradition and waste,tied to something locally made. That will surely capture their attention!
It's going to be so much fun!"

4PCS)DIY kit Tsumamizaiku no Tweezers needed.Hana Iroha Japanese Texile Upcycle Kit