4PCS)DIY kit Tsumamizaiku no Tweezers needed.Hana Iroha Japanese Texile Upcycle Kit

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Make your one-and-only flower bloom by hand!

Kit with INSTRUCTION MOVIE in English 

1. Navy 2. Blue  3. Mix pattern 4. Red=FOUR PCS in ONE SET

“Hana Iroha” was born from the desire to make beautiful fabrics bloom together without going to waste. So we use fabrics that are out of standard due to slight defects, according to the "Chusen Dyeing" tradition of Sakai.

You can easily experience the traditional craft of "tsumami-zaiku" with our unique tweezer-free technique. In addition to the fun of handcrafting, this handmade kit is designed to preserve traditional craftsmanship and the environment. Since the patterns are cut into small pieces, each piece is different, allowing you to create your own unique flower.

*“Tsumami-zaiku” is a traditional craft passed down since the Edo period. It is a technique of combining small fabric pieces by folding and pinching to create flowers of the four seasons, etc.

“Sakai Chusen Dyeing” is a technique where you color fabric by pouring dye over it. It is desigated as a national traditional craft.

DIY kit Tsumamizaiku no Twizzer.Hana Iroha Japanese Texile Upcycle Kit

Material: Cotton

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