An accessories craftsman, Hanae-san was on NHK BS TV
A craftsman (Shokunin) friend of mine was featured in the NHK BS1 program Cool Japan (Excavation! Cool Nippon) on the 25th.
I would like to share a scene from the second half of the show where the focus was on maiko's pocchiriぽっちり (obi dome).
Kishimoto Hanae-san  is a craftsman who makes many wonderful traditional accessories mainly in silver. One of her representative works is a maiko's obidome, which was the focus of the second half of the program.
To be honest, this world is often closed or unknown to the public. And when the current craftsmen's generation changes, who will make the next Pochiri? I am sure that there will be a situation where there will be no successors without any technique being disclosed to the public, and I think this is not only in this kind of world.
and seems that this world is not a world where new craftsmen easily join or asked to make obi-dome. In such a world, a woman who has newly established an Okiya (a kind of office for maiko) asks Hanae-san to make potpourri.
Hanae-san offered many designs of pocchiri with her desire to succeed to the next generation, and I was really moved to see how she worked hard to create this product.
I also really respect the woman, a former maiko, who dared to take on the challenge of starting an Okiya (a kind of office for maiko) in these difficult times, and I hope Fujichiyo, who belongs to the Okiya, will do her best!
Anyway,this program was really nice.nng an online school on how to make Pocchiri! I hope I can do something for making English version because I think some people in overseas want to know how to make Pocchiri.
Anyway,this program was really nice.