My Hand-dyed Yukata is ready!

A few months ago I did a dyeing experience in my local here in Sakai city!
Called snowflake dyeing, which is a simple technique of folding the cloth into triangles and dipping them in the dye, so even I could do it!
From there, I had it tailored into a yukata and the finished product arrived! It's soooo nice!!

I think I'll wear it and do a workshop at Hankyu Department Store on Jul 6!
Right now, Hankyu Department Store is holding a Yukata event and we are selling Japanese accessories in connection with it.
I am also opening a stall.
If anyone is currently in Japan, please come and visit us!

Selling Jul 3th ~Jul 9th
Workshop Jul 6
Hankyu Umeda,Osaka 10 floor(Umeda souq)