Tsumamizaiku workshop was featured in a Singaporean newspaper!

I have some very happy news this time and wanted to share it with you a traditional Japanese craft DIY kit that we sell here at 
Chirimen Bunny, and it was featured in a newspaper!

Last month, we held a Tsumamizaiku workshop for people in Singapore.
The Singaporean newspaper published an article about the workshop!
The article featured the story of Tsumamizaiku, a traditional craft, and the story of the discarded fabric from SakaiChusenDyeing, a traditional Sakai craft, that was used as the fabric for the DIY kits.Tsumamizaiku is originally crafted with tweezers, but the kit is made in a simpler way so that anyone can make it without tweezers.

Creating a piece of art is very therapeutic mentally by concentrating on it.
My friend Agnes, who is also a yoga instructor, gave a class on this subject.I feel like this was one of the topics that was covered in the newspaper.The story, including interviews with workshop participants, appeared on the full page of the newspaper.

I was so happy and thrilled that I didn't expect it to be covered so widely!!
If you have craft glue, you can easily make a DIY kit in 30 minutes!!
it was even used in a class at Japanese elementary school!

4PCS)DIY kit Tsumamizaiku no Tweezers needed.Hana Iroha Japanese Texile Upcycle Kit