I am also working to support Japanese craftsmen(職人)

A friend of mine,Hanae-san a Japanese traditional craftsman who appeared on TV(NHK BS Cool Japan) the other day. Surprisingly, the American speaker who appeared on TV from the studio came all the way to visit her atelier in Kyoto later.
She said she was very very interested in her work and visited her.
Yes! I like her work very much.
She makes a lot of really delicate art, such as silver kanzashi (ornamental hairpins) and obidome (obi clips). I admire her.

You can buy them from the U.S., so please visit her site.
not only her works but also there are many selected pieces made by Kyoto craftsmen for sale.

Obidome that Maikosan wearing is Hanae-san's work

I am very happy that more and more people are interested in Japanese traditions, including kimonos, like this!
And also I am working to support such craftsmen.