Maiko(舞妓) becomes a Geisha(芸妓,芸者)
I had the opportunity to witness the transitional period when a Maiko(舞妓) becomes a Geisha(芸妓,芸者) a period that is not often seen. It's quite precious, so please take a moment to read the following!

After serving as a Maiko for 5 to 6 years, Maiko must decide in their early twenties whether to become Geisha or leave the hanamachi (花街). If they choose to become Geisha, they undergo a ritual called "Erikae(衿替え)," where they change their red collar (symbolizing maiko) to a white one (symbolizing geisha). During this ritual, Maiko change their hairstyle to "sakko"(先笄 )and wear ohaguro (blackened teeth) for two weeks, symbolizing a simulated experience of marriage. Ultimately, they embrace the path of Geisha with maturity and grace. The first time I saw Fujichiyō's innocent Maiko appearance was about three years ago, and she decided to pursue the path of Geisha.

I remember how she endured the challenges of practicing during the pandemic and yet danced with joy. Her resilience deeply moved me, making me come back to see her perform multiple times. It's truly delightful to have been able to celebrate with her during the brief period of transition it's very rare! Keep up the great work! I'm rooting for her wholeheartedly