My Tsumamizaiku student work~

Today,I would like to talk again about tsumamizaiku.
The other day, one of my tsumamizaiku students said that her daughter was graduating and she wanted to make a piece of tsumamizaiku for her daughter.
As a mother, I guess she wanted to make something for her daughter to remember her by! Her daughter is going to wear a hakama to her graduation ceremony.
Do you know Hakama?Hakama is a skirt that looks like a kimono from the waist up and pants-style skirts from the waist down.
Hakama are often seen at entrance and graduation ceremonies. They look so Japanese and dignified and matchmatch with tsumamizaiku hair ornament.
I'll share with you how she's wearing this tsumazaiku on her hakama again!

Tsumamizaiku DIY→