Why eat Kashiwa mochi on KODOMO no HI(Children's day)

That's very interesing story and I really want to share with you!

We eat Kashiwa Mochi and Chimaki on Children's day
Kashiwamochi is  rice cake wrapped in oak leaves
To be honest, when I was a kid,
I was annoyed that I had to take the leaves off!
I just wanted to eat!!

Honestly speaking, I have never thought deeply about why we eat Kashiwa Mochi,so I looked it up this time.

It is said that Kashiwa Mochi has been eaten on Children’sday since Edo era.
Why?because t
he leaves of the oak tree do not fall off the old leaves until new leaves sprout,

So the new leaves are regarded as the children and the old leaves as the parents,which is associated with the idea of "unbroken family lineage"
and even "prosperity of offspring.

Therefore, Kashiwa Mochi  has become a food of good luck.

Kashiwa-mochi has been grown mainly in the Kanto region(east part of Japan)
but in the Kansai region, where oak trees do not grow well ,
chimaki(wrapped with Bamboo) is more commonly eaten in Kansai.

This is Chimaki,mochi is wrapped with Bamboo leaves.

I think most Japanese people do not know this fact.
So, if you come to Japan, please ask this question
”Why Kashiwamochi? Why Chimaki on Children’s day?”

They may say just because Kashiwamochi is there on Children’s day.

Nowadays, distribution is well developed, so both are available at the store or supermarket.I live in Kansai area but I ofen find Kashiwamochi in supermarket

Not only this season,all season.I think Obaa chan(elderly) prefer to eat as a snack.

I hope you like this story!

Thank you!