1PCE Eco dye Kakishibu powder 30g or 15g made in JAPAN/persimmon tannin Natural dyeing powder eco dyeing

Weight: 30g
Sale price$39.00 USD


ONE PCE Natural Paints and Dyes Persimmon Tannin Powder For Wood painting, Fabric dye, Paper dye Dissolve 30g of this product in 1L of water to make 1L of persimmon tannin solution. It is safe to store and you can use only the amount you need. How to Dissolve Persimmon Tannin Powder Add a small amount of water to the powder and stir well to dissolve. Add a little water to the powder and stir well. Stir well again. The dissolved persimmon tannin solution should be filtered through a bleached cloth or kitchen paper before use. (To prevent unevenness of color in dyeing and painting, please remove any remaining lumps or sediment.
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