natural dye Kakishibu Turner odorless liquid 500ml MADE in JAPAN eco dye, natural persimmon,Tannin Paint

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Odorless persimmon tannin made from natural green persimmon. Odorless Persimmon Tannin Paint / Turner Color 500ml(0.5L) made from 100% natural materials.made in JAPAN. This is a 100% natural coloring, waterproofing and the antiseptic agent made from natural green persimmon. It is a concentrated type and is usually diluted to 1:1 with water. For Wood painting, Fabric dye, Paper dye Natural paint and dye for wood and fabric. It is an easy to use the version of the traditional Japanese persimmon tannin and has eliminated its only drawback, the smell. Persimmon tannin has been used to make barrels and vats since the Heian period (794-1185). In recent years, its safety has been reevaluated and it is attracting attention as a dye for wood and persimmon tannin dyeing. Caution If the product becomes old or is stored at a low temperature (below 10°C), it will harden and become unusable. Please be especially careful in winter. If the hardening is soft (creamy to jammy), boiling will restore it. If it becomes jelly-like, it will not return to its original state and cannot be used. This product is not intended for drinking or medical use, and should not be used for such purposes. It is not recommended for antibacterial use. The color of persimmon tannin becomes darker after 2 to 3 days of application. It is not recommended for antibacterial use. The color will be darker in areas that are exposed to sunlight, and lighter in areas that are not. The color may become uneven depending on the degree of exposure to light, so please be careful when drying. Wash the brush well with water after use.
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