Vintage Obi, Japanese kimono belt, Authentic Silk Obi. flower,black,Rokutsu,430cmX31.0cm gift

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Vintage Obi, Japanese kimono belt Authentic

This is a Japanese Vintage Silk Obi Sash Fukuro-Obi.

Fukuro obi (袋帯, "pouch obi") is formal obi actually used today.
In addition to wearing a kimono obi,
it can also be used as home decor, table runners, bags, cushions, and other quilting projects.

Length approx 430 cm (169.29) Width approx 31cm (12.20")
Material : Silk
Condition : Good(second handed)

**CARE : dry clean recommended
Because the goods are secondhand.
Deterioration due to the passing of time (scratches, discoloring, dirt, wrinkles) are things to keep in mind.

Rokutsu-gara/ “60% of obi”, and the main designs are arranged one part which is wrapped around the waist (“Tesaki”) and another part that is tied on the back (“Tare”).

I will try my best to simplify an outer packing so
that the total weight can be minimized for cheaper shipping cost.
CO2 emissions for shipping this product

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