Japanese hairstyle wig for Oiran with blond hair!

We offer a service where used Japanese hair wigs are re-tied and sold.

By the way, the people who specialize in tying Japanese wigs and people who tie human hair seem to specialize in different fields and have slightly different techniques.I think...
The opportunity to do human hair, for example, is possible at weddings held in kimon.However, when it comes to wigs, they are more likely to be made as stage props, such as in popular theater. So I wonder if there is not that much demand for wigs. I don't know if this is true or not.As far as I am concerned, I want both techniques to survive as traditional techniques from long ago.

One of our customers asked for a Japanese wig. She also wanted it to be blonde, in the shape of Oiran(花魁). I consulted with a hairdresser who always provides very good service and is one of the few hairdressers in Japan that I know of. She was willing to make it for me, and here is the finished product!
Isn't it amazing??
I had always thought that Japanese hair had to be black, but that belief has been completely overturned!