Do you know "Wazarashi" Japanese bleaching?
Do you know what Wazarashi is?(和晒)
DIY kit made from Sakai Chusen waste cloth that I am now selling.

Why is this Sakai Chusen so beautiful? It is because it is made of Japanese bleaching(Wazarashi)..
It cannot be dyed with the normal bleaching we often see.(call it Yousarashi)

Actually, I did not know that and was only concerned about the color of the dyeing process. But what makes the color stand out more than the color of the dyeing process is the base cloth(Wazarashi)!
Japanese bleaching takes a lot of time and human hands are needed at the bleaching process.
Instead, it is breathable and easy to dye.
I was very much interested in how well the old things were made.