"Hana Iroha," a tsumamizaiku kit without tweezers, made its debut
On August 4, "Hana Iroha," a tsumamizaiku kit that allows you to create without tweezers, made its debut at Chusen(a pouring-dyeing) exhibition!

The traditional craft of Sakai City,Chuse dyeing, is an artistic method of dyeing that has been used since the Edo period (1603-1868), and it dyes beautifully regardless of the reverse side of the cloth.

This is a kit to easily create a traditional craft called tsumamizaiku using waste cloth from the Chuen dyeing process.

This kit is available at my store!
Also available at Etsy store

There is a QR code in the kit for a video on how to make it, so English is also available in the kit.Please take a look!

Please enjoy making it!