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Today, July 7 is Tanabata festival(Star festival)

Tanabata is based on the legendary meeting of two stars, Hikoboshi and Orihime, which are represented by Altair and Vega, respectively. 
After his marriage to Orihime, Hikoboshi idled away and didn’t work. An angry god split Hikoboshi and Orihime apart from the two banks of the Milky Way. However, the god permitted Hikoboshi and Orihime to reunite once a year on July 7.So Tanabata is held on that day every year, and it is said to be the day when lovers can reunite.

People write their wishes on strips of paper and hang them from bamboo branches, which is said to make their wishes come true.




Every Year, I take my son to the Tanabata Festival.
I am always troubled by the fact that my son always writes stupid requests on the strips of paper.

For example, "I hope that the money rain down on me.
 "I hope that the money in my wallet increases before I know it...".

Later, other people see the strips and laugh at them.

But it's a fun Japanese traditional festival for us!!

This is my son.


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